Who Will Go and Where?

If you didnt know I was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, I am. I watch almost all their games and if i miss one i watch clips on ESPN. Lebron puts on a show, does he not?No he does. He is a player that steps up when he needs to and a star that involves the rest of his team. Now don’t get me wrong I like Kobe. I think he is also a great player and that why I think when they match up, it’s the most interesting to watch.  Right now the season is winding down and me as well as other basketball fans hate to see it end but are also excited to see who will go to what team or who stays. At the end of this season Lebron will be a free agent and Kobe can opt to be a free agent. Will Kobe?…..We don’t know. Where will Lebron go?The Cavs are his team it would be a shame to see him leave but its his decision as Kobe has the same choice. Kobe ended up losing money in his contract but will Kobe leave for more money since he has the choice? That will be the two pick-ups of the next season with out a doubt. As a Cavaliers fan I would hate to see Lebron or Kobe leave their teams because I look for the match up.

Lebron v. Kobe Who is Better?